Have you heard anything about Night, or its author Elie Wiesel? What do you know about the holocaust?

Define: ethos, pathos, logos, satire, hyperbole, sarcasm, and irony.
Be prepared to share examples of each concept.

3/30 You are about to kick off the last Spring Break of your high school career! Tell me what you are feeling as you near the end of this chapter of your life. What are you excited and or nervous about?

4/10 Tell me your reaction to Night. How did you feel about the text? What did you like or dislike about it?
Essay Contest Link: http://holocaust.hklaw.com/2012/index.asp - Extra credit for entering! Due April 19th.

4/12 In anticipation of our presentations on modest proposals, what makes you invest in a product or idea? What "sells" you on something?

4/16 No self start - Presentations

4/18 When you think of the word Gothic what images immediately come to mind? What about Gothic literature, what do you imagine it to be about?

4/20 What makes a "good" scary story? Why do you think we like to be scared so much?

4/24 What are Urban Legends? How do you think they get started? Name some popular Urban Legends.

4/26 No self start

4/30 What was your favorite thing we did this year? Least favorite? What suggestions would you make for next year?

5/2 No self start - Presentations

5/4 Today we are revisiting the "What is Wisdom?" prompt on My Access. This is a persuasive essay where you need to explain your own opinions about what makes people wise. While you will use your own definition, experiences, and opinions you need some reliable ideas and backing to make your essay into a solid argument.

Give me your definition of wisdom and find a quote about wisdom that you like or could use in your essay.

5/8 What are the elements of a good detective story?
Link to The Speckled Band Text - http://etext.lib.virginia.edu/etcbin/toccer-new2?id=DoyBand.sgm&images=images/modeng&data=/texts/english/modeng/parsed&tag=public&part=all