Poetry Project Resources
Daily Participation Log

Group Assignment Form

Poetry Vocabulary Terms Assignment
Each group member must create a set of flash cards labeled Poetry Vocabulary Terms. I will be checking these off as we work on the project. The entire set of flash cards is due by the end of the project.

Poetry Analysis Form
Please remember your group MUST submit this form TWICE! One time for each poem analyzed

Websites and Online Textbooks
Please remember to keep track of all the websites you take information and pictures from. They must be documented for your bibliography!




http://www.watchknow.org/ - great videos of poets
http://my.hrw.com/ - your user name and password are both your student number! Using the Elements of Literature text search your poet. There is information on your poet, poetry selections, and audio recordings of several poems.


http://www.google.com/imghpiBooks - using your iPod go to the iBooks app. Click on store, search, and input your author's name. There will be several free poetry collections.Stanza - search your author using this great app. Click on get books, the magnifying glass, and input your authors name. All results on Stanza are free.